I'm the grinch

this man ran a country for 8 fucking years

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you know whats gross

that people w penises are generally v v educated about their bodies as kids like they know exactly whats gonna happen

but like for me i had no idea what vaginal discharge was and when i started getting it in 5th grade i was fucking petrified and i hear so many stories about little girls thinking that theyre dying because no one told them what a period was

idk thats just really fucking shitty that female anatomy is so taboo that we cant even properly educate kids

seriously though, i also asked my mum about it as a kid because i thought something was wrong with me and that i’d have to go to the doctors and even she was unable to explain what was going on. 

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seriously though what are you doing australia…

xronia pola vre pedi mou, se ligo tha eimaste mazi!